The Savage Garden

I'm a girl obsessed with ancient history, the aesthetics, the beauty of grotesquery, existentialism and beautiful words. My main tumblr is

There are huge gaping wounds on my body

Where you dipped your fingers into my flesh

Because you told me that you need to be covered in

my blood – like war paint – to be

in love with me.


If I close my eyes I wouldn’t have to see

the hideous scars, like black, yawning, abysmal

mouths, but I can still remember

your shaking hands

sinking into me and gripping me

by the bones.

And at that moment I understood

what being in love means.

you are an event horizon,

a perfect black body

of gravitational monstrosity.

and i would never

be able to escape you.

you are a stellar black hole,

into which i





and i’m






                     g still.

i am alice spiralling into

a twisted dream

from which i’ll never


you are the arcane, impenetrable fissure

in the spacetime continuum.

trapped in you,

i was ripped into shreds but

upon reaching

spacetime singularity

i have transcended